Top Health Food Brands Share Their Ideas for Instagram Content

Instagram, one of the most popular social media sites, is a vital element of the marketing strategy for thousands of health food manufacturers.

However, the most popular companies on Instagram are aware that it takes more than gorgeous pictures and infrequent updates to successfully interact with and convert their followers.

The best health food firms on Instagram have figured out how to utilise social media to their advantage, and we’re going to show you how they did it. First, though, let’s examine the most successful companies on this medium.

Instagram’s Top 10 Health-Related Brands

Our analysis, 2022’s Top 100 Health Food businesses on Social Media, found that healthy food businesses typically post once every other day, or 3.4 times per week, on Instagram, with a median interaction rate of 0.32%.

There were, as always, a few of standout businesses with above-average levels of consumer involvement.

Inspiration for Instagram Health Food Posts from the Three Biggest Brands
Jeni’s: Bringing Attention to Special Items and Beneficial Causes
Jeni’s, a firm well-known for its innovative flavours and commitment to environmental and social problems, has a simple mission: “make better ice creams and bring people together.” That message is conveyed clearly on its Instagram page.

By consistently producing material that reflected the brand’s values, Jeni’s topped our list of health food companies on the social media platform, amassing over 400 thousand followers to a rate of engagement over four times the health food median. Its Instagram account is probably dominated by photos of its delectable products, which feature a wide variety of creative flavours including Boozy Eggnog and Pumpkin Cake Roll.

The ice cream company’s public and vocal advocacy for a wide range of social problems undoubtedly helps explain the brand’s extraordinary fan loyalty. With an astounding 12.9% interaction rate, its most popular post was a giveaway hosted by Lonely Ghost and On Our Sleeves, an organisation working to remove stigmas around children’s mental health.

Instagram strategies like freebies and brand partnerships are nothing new, but Jeni’s success may be attributed to the fact that they were well-aligned with the brand’s central theme. There’s a reason why your clients keep coming back. You can provide more material that truly speaks to your audience when you let that motivation guide your strategy.

Erewhon: A Place for Community Building and Connections
Erewhon Market, unlike Jeni’s and Beyond Meat, is not a household name, but the company nonetheless managed to acquire thousands of likes and comments on Instagram, placing it third on our list of the finest health food businesses.

The organic food store in Los Angeles places a premium on social responsibility, proclaiming that its wares are “key to a vibrant lifestyle and happier, healthier communities.” Erewhon’s collaboration with well-known Instagrammers in the lifestyle industry makes perfect sense.

A company may get new life and exposure to a new, loyal fan base by forming partnerships with influential users of social media. The high-end supermarket grew its fan base and attracted additional consumers by forming partnerships with like-minded individuals, especially those located in Los Angeles, such as Marianna Hewitt and Rebecca Leigh.

To further increase participation, influencer marketing might be implemented. Below is Erewhon’s best-performing post, which was made possible by a partnership with Hailey Bieber and resulted in an engagement rate by follower that was 18.6 times higher than the median.


These leading health food manufacturers stood out on Instagram by discovering and perfecting the content techniques that not only connected best with their followers but also suited their brand character, such as posting meaningful freebies and creating high-profile partnerships.

Take cues from these dominant businesses as you try to improve the social performance of your own organisation. Stronger interactions might be just around the corner, whether you plan to serve up tempting product photos like Jeni’s, innovative offerings like Beyond Meat, or something else entirely unique to your business. Don’t forget to monitor your metrics closely.