9 Successful Brands Using Instagram: You Need To Know

Over the past two years, numerous brands have dominated Instagram Stories. An unusual dynamic arises for marketers on Instagram Stories since, from the outside, there is no way to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of their efforts (no view count or like count).

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t Instagram Stories that stand out from the pack. Here are 9 companies that are killing it with Instagram Stories that are sure to spark some ideas.


The Converse brand is well-known throughout the United States. There has never been a trainer more “gotta-have-it” than them. Wearing a pair of Chuck Taylors automatically made you more hip. What you might not have seen, though, is how actively Converse pursues its identity as a “alternative” brand. The Converse social media staff works hard to deliberately fail at being “cool.”

I think it’s brilliant. Converse’s increasing resistance to the concept of “cool” has earned the company major points with the youth of Generation Z. Classic Converse is how it sounds to me.

Regardless of how creative an Instagram Story may be, businesses should pay attention to their approach. When promoting the release of a new sneaker partnership, Converse uses both Instagram posts and Instagram Stories to spread the word.
I have no problem with the tried-and-true societal maxim of “wash, rinse, and repeat.” Just like Converse has done so nicely “it will make you puke,” brands that want their audiences to remember something should surround that something with exciting, memorable content and repeat, repeat, repeat.

National Geographic

The natural world’s sly photojournalists are shown here taming the wild that is Instagram Stories. Come with me, and we’ll analyse how they act.

National Geographic’s images and articles have been renowned practically from the magazine’s founding in 1888. NatGeo has developed creative methods to communicate fresh ecological research and award-winning photographs in the most cutting-edge format, just as they do in print and throughout their web domains.
National Geographic uses Instagram Stories to raise awareness about the amazing conservation work being done across the world by ordinary individuals and extraordinary organisations. Users may make a commitment to limit their plastic consumption and then share that commitment on social media by clicking the Swipe Up CTA.


Using Instagram Stories, Twitter brazenly promotes the channel’s best moments. If the user swipes upwards, they will access Twitter. They will be asked to download the app and sign up for an account if they haven’t already.
Twitter is aware of the topics that are most popular among users. They post about current events, sports, and celebrities on their Instagram Stories. Users are encouraged to swipe up after each video for further information and to visit Twitter, where the “real” conversations are taking place.

Simplistic Baker

It’s true that many individuals, including myself, like eating. Instagram is a fantastic resource for learning about and trying out the latest culinary trends and simple recipes because of the abundance of food photos posted there. One of the shining examples in this field is Minimalist Baker.

Dana Shultz, the site’s creator and photographer, often posts new plant-based recipes that anybody may cook and enjoy. The whole recipe and ingredient list is always available as a Swipe Up on Minimalist Baker’s Stories, which are a lot of fun to watch and learn from.

North Face Outlet

The Nordstrom Rack account supervisors snuck into the set of their seasonal commercial. Teenagers shopping as the models were bouncing around happily begged their parents for an advance on their monthly allowances.
We all know that Nordstrom sells only the best products, but seeing them in action turns them from #goals to #mustbemine. Shoppers will sense a connection to the models, enthusiasm for the new season, and most importantly confidence in the brand by the time the professional images from this BTS session hit stores/catalogs (and the items hit the racks).

Game of Thrones

The administrators of the Game of Thrones Instagram account are counting on the popularity of the merchandise to boost their account.
The forever-nerd-controlled Game of Thrones fandom will eagerly purchase any item that gives them an edge over the masses of wine-drinking-experts. The company demonstrates a lot of soul by promoting products that were obviously manufactured by die-hard enthusiasts with little resources. This Instagram Tale is another proof that a company can make money by understanding and catering to its target demographic. They’ve even come up with a catchy hashtag: #reptherealm.


Buffering is the worst possible experience when you’re trying to Netflix and chill. However, Buffer’s blog is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest and greatest in the social media world.
The #BufferTriviaThursdays quizzes are a fantastic way to get the attention of the Buffer community on important new social themes.


Serving a global audience from a single account is a simple thing, but Crossfit is giving it a go (talk about a challenging exercise). While this is common practise for many companies, Crossfit isn’t selling anything. It’s difficult to go global and include all those lifestyles, which encompass a wide range of cultural practises.

Honestly, I think Crossfit can do more with their photography and cinematography, so I won’t compliment them on it.


Let’s pretend you’re dating a great guy and you want him to always think about you. The question is, “What do you do?” Make an adorable selfie and use it as his phone wallpaper without asking. Duh. Unforgettable.

That’s all Taco Bell wants: to be ubiquitously featured as a wallpaper option for mobile devices.
With Instagram Stories, you can connect with your audience in a variety of ways, from live video to links. If you want to succeed in social media marketing, you need to keep trying new things and figuring out how to make the most of the tools at your disposal.