Tips for Creating Longer Instagram Videos

Instagram has become more popular since it was first released in 2010, with users praising the app for the emphasis it places on visual communication. The app’s mobile-friendly design makes it an ideal social networking platform for the modern day. Taking and sharing professional-standard photographs has never been simpler.

More and more opportunities to interact with followers and friends have been added to Instagram throughout time. However, Instagram still places restrictions on these features and makes it difficult for majority of user achieve their aims. Extended video duration is one such aim.

Instagram Video Lengths

Now that Instagram has begun putting more emphasis on videos in an effort to compete with TikTok and YouTube, majority of users record and publish movies to their profiles, DMs, and Stories. However, there is a time restriction on each movie.

The question now is how to circumvent Instagram’s video constraints. There are a few options for uploading lengthier movies to Instagram. The first step is to settle on the optimal course of action. Unlike Stories, which might “appear” to be longer, Reels, Live, and Videos have a fixed length.

If your taped film is less than 90 seconds long (up from 60 seconds previously), you might consider publishing it on Reels. You can post a lot of Instagram Stories in a day since they may be overlapped to look like a single video (up to 100 clips at 15 seconds each with a short, virtually undetectable gap between them).

Instagram Stories: Tips for Making Longer Clips

Instagram Stories only allows movies up to 15 seconds in length. If your video goes beyond 60 seconds, IG will split it into 15 second chunks. If your movie is longer than 60 seconds, you may cut it down to size using a third-party tool before you publish it. This way, instead of being limited to 15-second intervals, you may choose the time of each clip independently, allowing for seamless autoplay.

To make your IG Story longer, you may cut the first part at 10 seconds, the second at 15 seconds, and so on. According to Mashable, 100 Stories (episodes) a day is the limit.

Instagram Stories can only be up to 60 seconds long, but you may add as many clips or segments as you’d like (up to 100 total) to make it longer. Instagram automatically plays the clips in order, one after the other.

1 Post a Lengthy Video to Instagram Stories Without Interrupting the Stream

Adding your lengthier video straight to Instagram Stories is the simplest method to share it with increase your followers. Keep in mind that Instagram only utilises the first 60 seconds, and then reduces the parts down to 15 seconds each. As a result, only the first minute of your film will be shared, which is rarely what people want.

To create longer Instagram stories, combine many clips.

Posting your video to your Instagram Story in segments manually is the easiest and simplest approach to generate lengthier videos. Using this approach, you can upload videos longer than the 60 seconds allowed in a Story.

Some third-party programmes will even make sure your video meets Instagram’s technical requirements (quality, framerate, etc.) by automatically cutting it into 15-second chunks. If they don’t, Instagram will change the dimensions for you. We’ve compiled a list of the top ways to extend Instagram Stories.

It’s also possible, albeit difficult, to utilise the video-editing tools of your phone to cut the clip down to 15-second chunks. Finding specific moments to edit may be challenging, and you can lose some footage in the process. Your 1-minute video will need to be cut down to four or more 15-second segments, each of which may be uploaded to Instagram independently.

Here’s how to get video from your phone’s gallery onto Instagram Stories. An Instagram button in a third-party app will direct you to Instagram Stories.

The one big drawback to the aforementioned approaches is that your films won’t play without any interruptions. Instagram Stories will play in order automatically, although there may be some little pauses between clips.

Last Words

When it comes to sharing photographs and videos with your audience, Instagram is unrivalled in popularity. However, Instagram’s time limits might be annoying when you want to upload a video that’s longer than a minute.

If you’re going to publish a video to your Instagram feed, you may as well put in the effort to make it as compelling as possible. It’s not simple, but you can make a 15-second film that’s memorable, high-quality, and interesting.