Best Practises For Real Estate Marketing On Instagram

Oberlo found that 83% of Instagram users said they discovered a new product or service thanks to the photo sharing app. This makes Instagram four times more engaging than Facebook. Instagram’s dedicated and active user base means it’s a platform you can’t afford to ignore. Instagram may be a useful tool for increasing user involvement because of its visual nature and intuitive interface.

The Value of Instagram in Property Advertising

Instagram is great for real estate agents for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the enormous potential audience for your postings.

It provides a familiar kind of advertising at no expense. Instagram is a beautiful and easy way to keep in touch with friends and family.

It’s incredibly visual and draws attention to your listings. Instagram is a great platform for real estate agents to showcase their listings with high-quality images and video tours.

  • By checking out who has liked your postings, you may get in touch with potential new customers and maintain relationships with your present clientele. Instagram posts from real estate agents generally receive ten times as many likes as those from Facebook.
  • Instagram users tend to have higher incomes. According to Statista, Instagram users have a higher median income than Facebook and Twitter users, suggesting that they may be more eligible buyers.
  • Hashing is the new link building. With the right hashtags, you can rise higher in an Instagram search than you would with traditional SEO methods.
  • The more you post, the more people will interact with it and visit your site. Instagram’s processes will push your most popular recent posts to the top of your followers’ feeds, boosting the chances that they will be seen and engaged with.
  • It’s a goldmine of suggestions. As a result, your clientele will be eager to keep in touch and even eager to promote your business to their personal and professional circles. Clients could “tag a friend” in one of your Instagram posts so that their non-following friends can see the work.
  • Event promotion is provided at no cost. Instagram is a great way to spread the word about parties, open homes, and other events where turnout is contingent on word of mouth.
  • You may give the impression of expertise without actually having it. You may use your phone, tablet, or desktop computer to upload and edit high-quality photographs for your listings. Publish your images online from any location with access to the web.

Use Everything At Your Disposal To Raise Brand Recognition

When most of us think about Instagram, the first thing that comes to mind is the standard photo post. After all, Instagram’s original intent was to be a place to share visual content. But now, with Instagram’s many tools at your disposal, you may share a wide range of multimedia formats.

Whatsapp Recollections

Instagram Stories allows you to interact with your audience daily, even if you don’t have anything to post to your Instagram Feed, and it’s easy to do so because to the platform’s emphasis on short films and images.

So, how exactly do you plan on creating this material? Using media that has previously been produced to make something new. Instagram Stories may also feature your original content in the form of polls, Q&As, etc. Their presence generates significant interest.

Instagram Movies

Instagram Reels, a format developed from TikTok, will get you the most attention. This is due to the fact that audiences prefer digestible media like short videos. Instagram real estate marketing reels perform best when they emphasise the property’s selling points.


If your video is longer than a minute, you should upload it to IGTV. When you share a YouTube video or an extended video of one of your listings on Instagram, it will also be archived in IGTV. This method of content distribution and reuse is highly effective. You may use it to make advertisements for houses.


Despite the time commitment, you’ll find that utilising Instagram to promote your real estate business is a fun and worthwhile experience. Create a consistent Instagram account and provide engaging stuff to attract followers.

Instagram marketing is a terrific place to start, but maintaining connections is where the real energy lies. Keep this article’s suggestions for improving your Instagram posts in mind whenever you share content.