Suggestions for Instagram Posts to Reverse the Creativity Slowdown

What is the kingdom of content if that is the case? Instagram is the best spot to erect your marketing fortress since it inspires you to be incredibly imaginative. Did you know that 80% of Instagram users say the app influences their decision to purchase a good or service? The evidence speaks for itself: if you are able to draw in and keep consumers interested in your Instagram content, your kingdom will be very prosperous.

Despite the variety of formats that Instagram provides—images, carousels, videos, stories, and IGTV—even the most inventive marketers occasionally run out of new ideas. For this reason, it’s vital to stay current on the methods used to find engaging material.

Learn how to rule your Instagram kingdom by reading on.

Prepare your content in advance

Real-time marketing is ultimately all about spontaneity, which is excellent. But let’s face it, there aren’t often opportunities to capitalise on hot themes. You must have a plan for every other day. content strategy.

You will save a tonne of time and effort by having all of your ideas put into an Instagram content calendar. If you just try to plan out what and when to post, then fit in specific content ideas, you won’t need to come up with last-minute ideas any longer.

A content calendar can be created with a variety of methods, from a scrap of paper to sophisticated programmes like Instagram Scheduler. The second choice would be the best choice if you manage many Instagram accounts and/or post frequently.

Get motivated

After learning how to set up your Instagram calendar, it’s time to start finding and posting awesome content. Let’s arm you with some powerful tactics and creative suggestions that will make your Instagram feed more enjoyable.

Accept content curation

This strategy listicle will begin with some encouraging news: curating material is an effective alternative to producing all of your content in-house.

By sharing pre-existing information and enhancing it with your voice and beliefs, content curation can support your marketing efforts. Anything can be shared; an Instagram post is not a requirement. Use blogs, Pinterest, YouTube, Pinterest, or even printed sources like newspapers to find inspiration!

Even though it may seem easy, content curation requires work. Start by asking yourself the following questions if you want to share someone else’s material on your Instagram profile:

  • How will it benefit my audience?
  • Is it original and worth sharing?
  • Is this a trustworthy source?
  • Does it reflect the voice and values of my brand?

When you have everything figured out, you can begin developing your professional brand. Consider how a certain item is relevant and vital to you, then put it in context and add a pinch (but really just a pinch) of self-promotion. Then, include this content into your content calendar. It’s done! The post is complete.

But wait, there’s still something! Never overlook the source attribution. In addition to being a crucial part of internet etiquette (and a legal requirement), it also gives the source the chance to learn about your business and share your post.

Reuse your content

It might be challenging to provide information that is both useful and appealing. Everyone eventually runs out of creative ideas. But, just like any other employment, content marketing should emphasise working smarter rather than harder. So why wouldn’t you want to maximise the value of the content you’ve already produced?

You’ll spend less time and effort if you reuse content. If you have a blog, you can advertise it on your feed or in your stories. If you have a sizable following (more than 10,000 followers), you can drive your Instagram audience to blog pieces without having them leave the app by linking articles within stories.

To increase the reach of your finest blog posts, add them to your Highlights. You can add quotes and data that exist in the text or turn interviews into testimonials to diversify a series of stories supporting a single blog article.

You may also share your blog post as an Instagram post, which is a good option if you don’t have enough followers to be able to add links directly to stories. In these circumstances, don’t forget to include the link in your bio and to direct your followers to it in the post’s caption.

Take advantage of hot topics

Using real-time marketing can boost conversions by 26%, did you know that? Because of this, social media marketers must pay close attention to news and trends and then incorporate them into their campaigns.

No matter what crisis, meme, or current societal issue is popular right now, consider how you may connect it to your brand’s voice and beliefs.

Employ well-liked hashtags

Organizing your posts around trending hashtags is another tactic that could assist you in producing exceptional Instagram content. Use hashtags to express support for particular social problems. If your company’s focus is ecology, for instance, you may use the hashtags #endfoodwaste to give your advice on sustainable consumption or #savetheturtles to explain how your brand promotes waste reduction. Always publish information that is consistent with your brand’s beliefs, voice, and image; following all the trending hashtags may actually work against you.

Join forces with influencers

When said by opinion leaders, words just gain more value (I mean, literally greater value). The average realised value per dollar spent on influencer marketing has climbed to $5.78, according to studies, and an endorsement from the right influencer can considerably enhance your sales.

Also, using influencer marketing to boost your Instagram profile is a terrific strategy to increase sales. You give your audience social proof by posting images of influencers using your goods or services. That’s priceless, too.