Instagram Insights & Analytics: The Definitive Resource

The first step in any effective Instagram marketing approach is defining your end result. If you want to know if you succeeded in accomplishing your objective (or if you aced it), look at the metrics you set up to track your progress. This is when Instagram’s analytics feature proves useful.

Instagram, like many other social media websites, provides social statistics that may be used to monitor your profile’s performance. Insights on follower growth, hashtag engagement, post performance, and much more may be gleaned from Instagram-specific data.

Analytics for Instagram: What Are They?

You might think of Instagram analytics, also known as Instagram insights or Instagram metrics, as information on the success of your Instagram account. You may learn more about your target demographic, assess the efficacy of your content, and refine your Instagram advertising with the data you collect.

Can You Tell Me Which Instagram Metrics Are Included in the Instagram Analytics Report?

Instagram gives you access to a variety of marketing KPIs and data to back up your approach.

What Do Instagram Metrics Teach Us?

The likes, comments, and shares on your most popular posts are just some of the major data that may be broken out at the post level. Similar to how you may further dissect these vital stats using Instagram features like Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels.

Simple information like the number of followers, likes, shares, and comments can be included. The data is useful for assessing performance in the present but doesn’t shed light on the big picture of your plan.

Methods for Accessing Instagram Data

You’ll need to join up for a business profile or a creative account to access Instagram statistics. You may quickly and simply convert your personal Instagram account into a business account if you’re using it for professional purposes.

Information About Instagram’s Followers

The part under “Audience Insights” is useful to brands since it provides information about their audience.

Statistics on Instagram Posts

Insights gained after the fact hone down on the efficiency of each player. The number of social media interactions (likes, shares, and comments) for a given post is viewable. Instagram hashtag analytics will be displayed here if you have used them in your posts. This is useful for tracking the reach of your article using hashtags.

Instagram Statistics for Stories

It’s possible to obtain as detailed of an analysis of an Instagram Story as you would of any other post. Launch Instagram, select Insights from the app’s top menu, and then scroll down to Stories.

Statistics for Instagram Videos

Go to the video you wish to report on, click See Insights (from your grid) or click the three dots, and then click Insights to view the video’s analytics in Reels.

Some metrics for reels are:

  • Extend and play
  • Exchanges in the Content (likes, shares, comments)

Analytics for Instagram Advertising

Finally, you’ll need data on the efficacy of your Instagram advertising if you’re going to keep running them. Instagram allows users to share photos and videos for free, but users must pay to have their content promoted. Your advertising budget is a significant investment, and you need to know if it’s paying off.

Can you recommend a top-notch Instagram analytics tool?

Instagram’s in-app statistics provide a solid foundation on which to base a data-driven advertising strategy. Your efforts will have more of an impact if you use supplementary tools like an Instagram tracker or Instagram reporting tools.


Keyhole is an Instagram analytics tool that may help you improve your profile’s performance at no cost. It summarises data such as weekly Instagram post count and interaction rate into visually appealing charts for quick analysis.

Hashtag analysis also benefits greatly from this popular tool. Further to standard Instagram data, it also monitors the use of specific hashtags and keywords. If you plan on employing Instagram influencers or sponsored advertisements, this is a useful tool.

Marketers may use Keyhole data to learn when to post, how long each post should be, and what hashtags get the most interaction.


Whether you’re looking to analyse your own brand’s or a rival’s engagement, Phlanx is an accessible tool that can help. This resource is useful for marketers in establishing personal goals and benchmarks against the industry.

Influencer screening is another area where Phlanx shines. Put in an Instagram handle and get instant access to the account’s follower count. Seeing engagement rates and the typical amount of likes and comments for a post is also possible.


If you’re looking to take your Instagram marketing to the next level, Meltwater can help you do just that by providing you with insights driven by artificial intelligence that go beyond simple statistics. Whether it’s competitor research, customer sentiment, influencer selection, or anything else, the all-in-one platform helps with it all in terms of social listening and social media management.

Meltwater’s platform incorporates information from millions of online chats and other sources. Since it contains so much information, it helps marketers make better choices about the content they produce and the influencers they collaborate with. For instance, businesses may steer clear of working with “influencers” who have a large number of “ghost” followers but relatively low levels of interaction.