An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Analytics Tools

In our posts, we’ve discussed Instagram advertising extensively. You may learn more about Instagram Marketing and how it can help your business by reading the aforementioned posts. You may quickly locate these blogs by searching Instagram. However, Instagram promotion is not the focus of this blog. You need to know how effective your Instagram marketing has been once you’ve begun using the platform. But you need analytics programmes to track the performance of your advertising campaigns. This article will cover 11 programmes that can be used to analyse your Instagram account.
Instagram analytics is challenging, unfortunately. It can be too simplistic of a metric for evaluating the efficacy of an Instagram advertising campaign. That’s why we’ll be discussing Instagram analytics tools in this post; these are what your marketing team will need to determine whether or not Instagram is a worthwhile investment.

The Best 6 Instagram Analytics Tools for Free

The best six free business analytics apps are as follows:


Iconosquare is a top option for analysing Instagram posts. New posts may be scheduled in advance, brand mentions can be tracked, and basic Instagram metrics can be viewed on the same dashboard. The analytics show patterns in interaction, views, and the reach of your Instagram posts and stories.
Marketers can gauge how they stack up against competitors, customers, and trending subjects with the help of Iconosquare’s hashtag tracking. Users can test out Iconosquare risk-free for two weeks.

Analytics for Instagram

The Instagram app includes an analytics feature called Instagram Insights. You can see when your followers are most active on Instagram, which posts are getting the most engagement, and how many people are seeing your profile overall.
Instagram Insights is too rudimentary for sophisticated research. Despite this, it remains a top choice among Instagram analysis apps.

Union Measurements

While Union Metrics does not come without cost, new users can enjoy a free 30-day trial. Because of this, it has made the cut. You may learn from that audit which posts are most well-received by your audience, when they tend to use your app, and which hashtags they find most useful.

If you’re looking to make quick adjustments to your marketing tactics based on your stats, the free edition of Union stats is the way to go. Since most hashtag analysis is behind paywalls, this is especially helpful for smaller businesses and influencers.


When it comes to Instagram Insight apps, Crowdfire is among the best. material can be scheduled, its success can be tracked, and niche material can be curated with its aid. Your companies can utilise this data to plan future Instagram posts and increase their exposure.
Crowdfire’s interactive design and user-friendly interface are two additional benefits that aid with data analysis.


Sqaurelovin is spot-on accurate with everything I’ve listed above. Its followers, however, are the showpiece. The best of its kind, it allows you to precisely time your social media updates.
This tool allows you to get and analyse historical data down to the hour. Better than the other analytics applications above, this one can assist you learn about your following.

Important analytics data, such as your most popular posts and filters, can be retrieved from SocialBakers’ Social Bakes. It also has a function called “Report” that lets you see how you stack up against the competition.

List of the Best 4 Instagram Analytics Apps (That Cost Money)

After covering the Instagram analytics applications that are freely available, we will move on to those that require a subscription. Listed below are the five best Instagram analytics apps that cost money:


HootSuite is the best app available for analysing your Instagram activity. HootSuite’s customizable dashboards make it easy to compare data from different social media and other marketing platforms.

HootSuite allows team members to work together on campaigns. It has several useful functions, such as the ability to delegate and divide work, examine team-wide campaigns, and identify the most profitable content.


If you’re interested in influencer marketing, Hype Auditor is a fantastic resource. The software can be used to assess the reach, engagement, and return on investment of an influencer. You can locate the most influential people to promote your company by using this software to track their demographic audience.
The software evaluates the influencer’s performance and gives analytics based on their interactions with other brands.


Sproutsocial (formerly Simple Measured) is loaded with capabilities that cater to huge businesses. The software was formerly free, but it’s now among the priciest options available.
It provides a centralised location from which marketing teams can manage all of their social media profiles. When it comes to user interfaces, SproutSocial is among the most innovative.


When it comes to monitoring the success of individual hashtags, Keyhole is the superior insights app. You can use it to pick the best hashtags for your marketing. You can maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns with this.

Keyhole can also be used to monitor your brand’s most effective influencers. Your future influencer campaigns can benefit from this information.

The last of our tools is called Later Later. If you run standard Instagram marketing efforts, Later is a great option. It’s useful for monitoring individual links and learning which blog pieces and items are most successful.


If you’re having trouble getting the most out of your marketing campaigns, the 11 analytical tools listed above can help you get back on track. In the long term, you’ll benefit more from the premium apps because of their narrower focus and the ease with which they allow you to develop your firm.

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