10 Powerful Tips To Boost Your Sales On Instagram

Instagram’s over two billion monthly active users make it a great place to connect with potential customers, spread brand awareness, and boost sales.

However, in order to realise this potential, specific steps must be taken. Gaining more followers on Instagram is not a quick fix. You need to continually interact and provide high-quality material.

Content from Instagram

Share original, high-quality images

Getting a potential customer’s attention is the first step in increasing sales on Instagram.

The aesthetics of your product’s social media feed are crucial. Master the art of taking high-quality pictures of products with just your mobile device. This is the most effective strategy for getting noticed, expanding your Instagram audience, and increasing your revenues. Use your imagination to show off how lovely your goods are to potential buyers.

Perfect your captions

Captions are still read by Instagram users.

Make use of the caption to elaborate on the features of your product and provide information on how interested customers may buy it. Implore them to:

  • Visit your virtual storefront at the address provided in your profile.
  • For further information, DM a buddy or tag them in the comments.
  • These CTAs can be utilised in a manner consistent with their usefulness. You may interact with your audience and pique their interest in your brand right there in the captions.

Images and feedback from customers

The first time you encounter a brand. You have a favourable impression of their offering. You want to buy from this company, but you have some doubts.

Include testimonials and customer success stories in your content to establish credibility. In reality, many thriving companies promote User-Generated Content (UGC) by sharing it again.

According to research published by Business Wire, UGC influences purchases by an astounding 85 percent.

Make an effort to tell a story in your Instagram posts

Take use of Instagram Stories to maintain a presence on the app and introduce your company to users.

How can I utilise Instagram Stories to boost my business’s revenue?

Tell a tale that will capture your audience and convince them to buy from you, and your story will keep on giving.

The last Chapter will have a call to action that will direct readers to your e-commerce site. You may do this by opening a virtual shop.
Make use of the Stories platform to distribute discounts and deals.

You can win over your fans and turn them into buyers by offering them coupons and discounts.

Post promo codes on Instagram Stories occasionally, especially around holidays. Use Instagram Stories to promote a time-sensitive sale by directing them to the relevant product page on your website.

You can quickly generate discount vouchers, promote them on Instagram, and attract more consumers with an Instamojo online store.

Feature recent additions or special items

You may use Stories to discuss more about your products, not only behind-the-scenes content. Put the spotlight on your best-selling items and explain how they may benefit their customers.

If you want to get ahead of the Instagram algorithm, a fantastic strategy is to consistently publish Instagram Stories. Your Instagram profile will be more visible to users this way.
Develop “shoppable” Instagram stories

It is possible to make shoppable Instagram Stories using an Instagram Shop. Including your product tags in Instagram Stories is all that’s required.

Customers who see your products on Instagram Stories and click on them will be sent directly to your online shop. They don’t even have to leave the app to complete the transaction now.

This is a fantastic application of Instagram stories for driving immediate revenue growth.

You should #hashtag your product descriptions

Hashtags are a great approach to promote your business to a broader audience that may be interested in making a purchase from you.

Check out the hashtags your rivals are using to get a sense of the ones that might work best for your company. Local hashtags and product-related hashtags are the two most common types. Searching the postings of competing local firms or regional trade journals will yield useful local hashtags. Use them to get people talking about your content and buying your wares.

Build your own branded hashtag

Using a branded hashtag that users may engage with can help drive more purchases from Instagram.

You’ll reach more people when they utilise your tag in social media posts.

One option for a branded hashtag is to use an existing established brand slogan or phrase. The #GoWithYourFlow campaign, launched by the feminine hygiene company Nua woman, is a great illustration of this.

React to feedback

If you are a small business wanting to increase your following and sales, responding to every (legitimate) remark you receive is essential. This will aid in developing meaningful connections with current and future clients.

Sincere feedback makes your brand more approachable and strengthens your relationship with your demographic. The ability to network effectively is crucial to the success of any internet business. Be sure to engage with both recent and older comments on your post.

Start a discussion

When it comes to expanding your business on Instagram, don’t ignore the social aspect of things: interaction.

Even better than answering people’s questions and comments is starting new discussions on other people’s posts and pages. It’s a good idea to interact with other sites that cover similar ground. In time, your brand will gain recognition and customers. Make genuine comments on the posts of others 21. Time your posts properly

No matter how well thought out your Instagram content strategy is, if you only publish when no one is paying attention, you won’t see any results.

The optimal posting time is conditional on your target demographic and the nature of your business. You may do this by learning more about your target market’s habits with the help of an Instagram analytics service.